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Builder Gel (biab)

You CAN have long, strong, NATURAL nails ! With the help of builder gels. 


Builder gels, often referred to as BIAB, short for Builder In A Bottle, are applied as a thin, natural overlay on your own natural nails. Protecting them from breaks and chips with no need for nail extensions it allows your nails to grow long and strong.


 It's so strong that if you did break a nail .. we can use the builder gel to sculpt a new nail tip and make them all match again. No one will ever know. 


Builder Gel with Gel Polish from £31 

Builder Gel infill with Gel Polish £36

 Builder Gel full removal & new set from £42

Gel Tip Extensions

The latest trend in nail extensions ! 

Pre-shaped, full cover gel tip extensions, with a perfect finish and shape for all 10 nails, every time!  


Flexible and strong, made using soft gel technology they are applied with builder gels making them last just as long as traditional extensions, without the weight on your nails, the expense and the lengthy appointment time.


There is a variety of lengths & shapes to choose from from short square or round to long stiletto or coffin. They are finished with any gel polish colour and you can choose to add nail art as always. 


They are to be infilled once after 2-3 weeks wear and then the following appointment removed and fresh set applied. Or removed and opt for a builder gel overlay on your now long, natural nails.


Also ideal as a one off set for parties, holidays and those last minute events. 


Full Set Gel Tip Extensions from £38

Gel Tip Infill  from £36

Gel Tip Removal £20

Gel Tip Removal & New Full Set from £53

Gel Polish

We use and love Artistic Colour Gloss  and Halo gel polishes, they are tougher than hybrid polishes as they are a true gel formulation, providing up to 21 days wear on fingernails, 4-6 weeks on toes. 


They cause no damage when applied, looked after and removed correctly and they have various base coats to suit different nails which is fab for those clients that struggle to keep polishes on without peeling and chipping. 


Follow our aftercare advice for long lasting results and healthy nails. 


Choose any one of our 200+ colours and a huge range of glitters, foils, stamping and hand painted designs. 


(if you need extra protection for weak or damaged nails then book builder gel nails for a strong protective overlay)


Gel Polish Nails from £25

Gel Polish Nails inc Removal from £32


Gel Polish Toes from £22 

Gel Polish Toes inc Removal from £28

Add simple nail art 10 nails £5

Add French Finish £5

Add 1 nail repair/extend £5

Add IBX Nail Treatment £10

Add 1 Acrylic Toe Nail Repair £10


Removal only £15

Gel Polish Repair Appointment (up to 3) £6

IBX Nail Treatment

The first treatment of its kind, this penetrative, toughening system works inside the nail layers instead of sitting on top. 


IBX fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate, locking itself within the nail and never needing a removal. Perfect for weak peeling nails and nails that have been badly damaged due to excessive filing and poor removal of products.


IBX treatments can be carried out alone, or it can be used along with any nail service.


IBX Nail Treatment Manicure £25

Add IBX to a nail service £10

Healthy Nails Programme

A prescriptive 6-8 week program designed for nail biters and very damaged nails, this program is to help you break the habit of biting and bring your nails into great condition. Using gel polish, builder gel or IBX, cuticle oil and a little care & attention.


1st Appointment: Full consultation, gel polish nails, IBX or builder gel, aftercare advice given and cuticle oil that will be refilled at each appointment for daily use at home.


2nd Appointment, 1 week later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and gel polish nails inc IBX or builder gel.


3rd Appointment, 1 week -10days later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and gel polish nails inc IBX or builder gel.


4th Appointment, around 10days later: Removal, re-assessment of nails and gel polish nails inc IBX or builder gel.


5th Appointment, 10-14days later: Removal, final consultation & your cuticle oil refilled for continued home care use.




Healthy Nails Course £120

value £143-£155 

Gaynor Louise Spa Therapy
Mani & Pedi

Gaynor Louise Spa Therapy  is our very own hand made range of luxury spa products for hands, feet and body.  Also available to purchase for homecare.


Choose from our 2 available ranges:


A blend of Lemon, Rosemary and Clary Sage, the perfect 'pick me up'

With properties known to lift your mood, aid focus & mental clarity, whilst brightening your skin.


A blend of Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage & Bergamot. Perfect to escape after a long day, with properties known to calm & relax your mind whilst soothing and calming your skin. 

The perfect ‘no polish’ mani or pedi. This treatment is all about a super clean, smooth finish ideal for men and women including an antioxidant cleansing soak, hard skin smoothing/removal for pedi, nails or toes are left super clean and tidy after shaping & cuticle work and skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated after exfoliation, moisturising lotion massaged into your legs/arms and hydrating moisture cream to hands/feet and cuticle oil.


 Natural finish Manicure from £25

Inc polish from £35

inc gel polish £40

Natural finish Pedicure from £32

inc polish from £40

inc gel polish from £45

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